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"We will travel to the ends of the earth to
meet your material engineering needs!"


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Nomad Metallurgy, Inc.Engine Component Analysis - Nomad Metallurgy serving the Carolinas is a customer oriented Materials Engineering service company providing a wide range of services ranging from industrial metallurgy, tribology and routine metallography through failure analysis such as multi-component root cause failure analyses. Nomad Metallurgy, Inc. is ready to supplement your current materials engineering capabilities and can provide you with the services of a plant metallurgist, expert witness, metallurgical engineer, consultant, materials engineer, and failure analyst. We also can provide materials testing services which cannot be performed in house and/or become your in-house lab, saving you the time, money and effort of maintaining your own facilities. Contact us today!!


Nomad Metallurgy, Inc.'s central location in Fort Mill, SC, near Charlotte, NC is in the heart of the Carolinas region, and that provides a real advantage for you! We are within a 1 day shipment circle for the entire North Carolina and South Carolina region. So, our personnel can get to your facility if needed in a timely manner. But if you are located elsewhere in the country, Nomad Metallurgy, Inc. can also solve your metallurgical problems whether you are located in New England, Texas, or California.



Our specialty is industrial and manufacturing support on your time schedule ...

... we will travel to the ends of the earth to meet your material engineering needs!

Director and principal engineer Tom Doggart, P.E. has over twenty years of experience as a metallurgist, consultant and expert witness to industry, solving problems involving metallurgy, tribology and metallography. Nomad Metallurgy, Inc. provides solutions to materials and manufacturing problems with a special focus on failure analysis and manufacturing process improvement. Tom has a BS in Mechanical and Materials Engineering plus an MS in Materials Science. This educational background combined with extensive practical experience solving real-world manufacturing problems make Tom Doggart and Nomad Metallurgy, Inc. uniquely qualified to tackle and solve your metallurgical  problems.

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Do you have reoccurring QA materials testing and inspection needs?

Is your current materials testing taking >5 days for routine testing or >7 days for failure analyses?

Occasionally do you get a broken part during manufacturing or via a customer return where the answer, "It's broke", just isn't quite enough.

Can Nomad Metallurgy, Inc.'s extensive manufacturing materials engineering background be used to the advantage of your company and yourself?


Nomad Metallurgy



Industrial and manufacturing support

on your time schedule


To provide rapid efficient and effective

materials engineering services



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