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Plant Metallurgist Program

In today’s world many companies need the services of a competent professional materials engineer on an intermittent basis who is familiar with their processes and products so questions can be answered quickly and efficiently. The Plant Metallurgist Program has been created by Nomad Metallurgy, Inc. to fill such a role.Metallurgical Analysis: Fractography - Nomad Metallurgy serving the Carolinas


The Plant Metallurgist Program is a more cost effective means for return customers to obtain quality materials advice on issues involving tribology, metallurgy or metallography. The program begins with a short, usually 1 day in most cases, introduction period where I become intimately familiar with your products and the major processes used in their creation. This may also involve the destructive analysis of examples of each to provide background information. From this introduction I am able to respond to questions and requests for data and analysis from the initial knowledge base. I, in effect, become your Plant Metallurgist and can respond accordingly.

The Plant Metallurgist Program can include:

Fractured Bolt Analysis - Nomad Metallurgy serving the Carolinas

Failure analysis

Procedure maintenance

Heat treat management

Standards compliance

Process/product design and

Process/product analysis

Customer and vendor contact

Information standardization/pooling

Vendor audits

QA inspection

And more . . .

And, should your company need the services of an expert witness in the event of litigation, the Plant Metallurgist Program from Nomad Metallurgy, Inc. can accommodate those needs as well.


You basically get all the benefits of an internal Plant Metallurgist, when you need one, and you only pay for what you use.

There are a limited number of spaces in Nomad Metallurgy, Inc.'s client portfolio for this level of service, so please inquire at your earliest convenience. Call us today at 704-517-3038 or reach us by E-Mail at



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